It seems the Chinese Knockoff epidemic has hit the wig industry.  For years now, these knockoff sites have been scamming consumers the wig industry by selling poorly imitated fake products marketed as the original at deep discounts. This has been happening on websites throughout the US and the list of scammed consumers continues to grow!  

Chinese manufacturers market designer brand images of the name brands US customers have grown to trust and love, only to ship out low quality knockoffs. Shoppers get dazzled by the image they see advertised for sale on the scammers' sites and believe they are getting a gorgeous high end look for a fraction of the cost.  Wig-wearers - if it seems too good to be true… it usually is!

What you can expect if you order a Chinese wig knock-off:

1. The synthetic or human hair is not of good quality. It appears dry and the colors are not exact. The workmanship is shoddy.
2. These wigs are not made from exact specifications - they are made based on a photograph. Therefore the measurements are imprecise, at best.
3. It is very difficult to get these sites to accept a return. You will not even be able to return your wig unless you pay high shipping costs back to China.
4. Many of these sites post fake reviews to create the illusion of customer satisfaction.
5. It will take two to three weeks for your wig to arrive, because of the long distance in shipping.

When it comes to wigs, do your homework and don't be fooled by these scam artists!